Friday, April 30, 2010

A little poll

I need to make a batch of soap. I mean, I rreeeeaaallly need to. I'm toying with the scent, so I need some opinions. Here's what I'm working with - now mind you, these are the base scent only. I like everything completely convoluted, so just remember these are the primary notes.

And the contenders are:



Red Tea



Tattoo Soap (Rosemary, Geranium)

The only one I'm *really* iffy about is Lavender, because SO many people do a levender - why would anyone want mine? I'm really looking forward to reading what you have to say. C'mon people... HELP!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What an insanely, beautiful, amazing day!!!

Miss Grey reviewed my products on her blog and I must say I was NOT expecting such an amazing review! I'm flabbergasted. Actually got a bit teary-eyed reading it (Shhhh...... don't tell anyone. I've got a reputation, ya know). To think that people like what I do *still* shocks me. To see that someone notices the love and attention I put into each and every product that leaves this house makes it all worth it.

I'm just..... wow.

I was also just approached with a wholesale inquiry from a company that I totally admire and respect.

I'm afraid to blink - I might miss some magic. :-)

Have an wonderful day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need input, please

Now that I'm officially unemployed as of today, I'm looking for avenues for advertisement, getting the product name out there, blogs that might want to review my product, local craft shows or stores that might be interested - you name it. This is a big ol' scary situation, and I'm looking for all the resources I can get so I can stay positive about it!!!

Watching the squirrels outside has only gotten me so far today.  :-)

And if anyone reading would like to be signed up for a monthly newsletter, let me know. I'm compiling a list!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Etsy is down. I was right in the middle of filling orders, too..... Grr.

Guess I have to go take a (much needed) nap now.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New lip balms in the shop. GOOD ones, too!!

I added 4 new flavors today. I'm completely in love with Caramel Apple. I think it's my favorite I've ever done.

Caramel Apple:

Funnel Cake:

Jasmine Tea:

Vanilla Currant:

You should go have a look-see. Or at least TELL me you did. :-)

I'm doing a "Lysa Got A New Motorcycle" incentive - buy 3 lip balms and shipping is free. Think that's a good one?

I'm just in such a damn good mood today - been ridin'... bugs in my teeth, wind in my hair, and a song in my heart. Okay, being totally sarcastic about that last part, but it sounded good , right? It was more like bugs in my teeth, wind in my hair, and FEAR IN MY SOUL. Almost dumped that bike over on me TWICE. That would have been 450 pounds of hurt, let me tell ya.

Have a great night everyone!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I should not be allowed to go thrifting

My shop has been reeeeaaallllly sllloooow for a couple of days (SUCK), so I did what I do when bored.... went thrift store shopping. Among the piles of discarded blenders, measuring spoons, and mis-matched circa 1982 country-chic plates, I found..........

.......are you ready.........?

Jimmy Carter and (I think) Gerald Ford coffee cups...... They are hideously beautiful.

I also got... ahem.....

I have no explanation for why I bought the pirhana other than I just really liked it.

::::I'm sorry:::::

Now HERE'S the exciting news..... Look what I'm getting this weekend!!!!

I'm getting a heck of a deal, especially since it runs perfectly. Trying to figure out a color to paint it. Any ideas?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


3 new ones in the shop:

3 RING: A trio of gorgeous teas, a squeeze (or two) of lime, and bracing minted ginger, with a dry-down of black spice and forest air. A stimulating and clean unisex fragrance.

 VOIX DE VILLE: Succulent, juicy, ripe red apple soothed and darkened by black fruit, decadent florals and sensuous green. 

FEEJEE: Clean ocean waves, a sweet honeysuckle breeze, and a hint of driftwood, intermingled with the tiniest bit of ripe citrus fruit and peaches.

I like all of them, even Feejee (and I'm NOT a fan of ocean/ozone scents), but I'm reeeeeaaallly excited about Voix de Ville. I love it, love it, love it. It's a nice feeling to create something I actually *like.*

Anyhoo- thought you might like to see what's been on the drawing board. :-)

How is everyone's weekend going? I got busy and didn't have the time to get a package together for the magazines. I will do it, though. I'm committed now!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fright and Submissions

So I'm taking the leap and submitting my wares to a couple of magazines. I've never done this before, and I'm not sure what to include in the package, besides the products themselves. I'm no good at writing letters. Ummm.... so I guess what I'm trying to say is HEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project Pictures

Now keep in mind my entire house pretty much looks like PT Barnum threw up all over the place.

Bought an old Barnum cookie tin that was begging to have something done with it. That, along with a babydoll head I had lying around (who am I kidding - I've got a bucket full of the things!) a repurposed lamp, some re-wiring, and voila! Crazy-what-the-#$%&%*-is-it-lamp!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Not for everyone, but like I said - the entire house pretty much looks like this!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New stuff in the shop and a thrifting find!!!

I listed the aforementioned Thai perfume in the shop. It's called Fortuna, and heeeere it is!

Also listed Organ Grinder, which is ::::growl:::: SEXY as all heck.

now - anyone who knows me knows I have a real sickness for creepy toys. Come to think of it, guess you don't have to really *know* me to figure that one out, eh?

So I'm walking through the thrift store the other day, and look what I found!!!!!

OH  -  MY  - GOODNESS!!! I know they're not toys, per se, but c'mon.

AND the cashier gave them to me for $11 for the set because she was so excited they were finally going to a good home.

Today I have a headache. The wind has been blowing SO hard all day, and my entire face and left side of my head just aches. Argh. I'm retiring for the evening. Off to watch a movie and hit the sack. I've got thrifting to do tomorrow!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Heck

I went to Seattle yesterday morning for Easter.... got back about 11pm. Just that one day trip has put me so far behind on orders, correspondence, etc. Weird how that happens. I waffled about taking today off work to catch up on everything, but decided I needed the money. Sigh. So anyone whose order may be a day late or doesn't immediately hear back from me via email, that's why. But know I'm working like crazy to catch up. Sorry.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring packaging - wanna see?

I've been working my little fingers to the bone, people! Well, not to the bone, but I might have a blister or two!

I thought I would share what is soon to be my Spring line... listed this weekend with any luck. I have matching labeling for the scrubs, too, but I didn't photograph it. And these pictures are crap - I do realize that. I was doing a few test shots to see how they photograph, and I thought it would be a good time to share.

I have an entirely new line of lips balms for the ladies called Harlot. They are yummy good! some of the new flavors are Circus Peanut, Caramel Apple, Sweet Cream, Peach Cobbler, Berry Mint, Jasmine Tea, and (yes!) even more. :-)

I'm going to start carrying a wonderful little dry oil spray called Il Lustro. A lightly scented after shower oil - and all the scents will go right along with perfumes I already offer.

Springtime goodness!

And, equally exciting is this little animal I discovered. I think this thing is so cute,  a little part of my soul died and left my body, leaving a curious little ache I will undoubtedly feel until I get one. If the photo isn't enough for you, PLEASE go have a look at this. But be prepared... the cuteness is WAY off the charts in the video.