Sunday, November 11, 2012

TMTM Refund/Resolution

hello, I am Guilli of Blacknote Emporium and I will be handling refunds and resolutions with Lysa of the TMTM back orders. refunds/resolutions have begun being processed. please email your information to for more information. thank you.

Blacknote Emporium

Saturday, November 10, 2012


So here's what happened – when I closed, I was overwhelmed with so many orders, it pushed my TAT to 2 weeks – then 4 weeks – then 6 weeks. Although I tried to be straight with people and let them know about the delay, people panicked and filed claims with paypal, essentially cleaning out my bank account to the point I didn't even have money for supplies to fill the orders, or even postage to send them off. Word spread, and more people panicked. Soon there were a million claims, no money in my paypal, and I was locked out of paypal, giving me no access to any of the madness going on. I also lost access to my shopping cart because I didn't have the money to pay the bill. Everyone deserted me. People were being hateful, spreading rumors, calling me a thief, threatening me. I didn't know what to do and no one was listening to me so I panicked. I freaked. I had what I'm pretty sure was a nervous breakdown. Finally I pulled myself together and decided to start Lucybelle to try and earn some money to pay everyone back – all the while working a job at a sandwich shop. I didn't say it was me – not out of sneakiness but because I didn't want to complete insanity. I wanted to work my little job, earn a bit of money for supplies, and start to pay people back. But then the rumor mill started. Lucybelle was ruined. The threats started again. The name calling, the accusations. Again I was unable to make money to begin making things right. And curiously, MANY of the people saying these things HAD BEEN PAID BACK when they filed their claim with paypal and were saying they hadn't been.

Please know, whether you believe it or not, I never meant any harm to anyone. This has ruined my life. Financially, I have been destitute. I haven't been avoiding anyone on purpose.... I simply haven't had the money to even begin paying anyone back. And since everyone has been speculating so much on my personal life, I'll tell you I've barely even had money to eat. I lost my place to live, my car – everything. I shared my life with all of you – the death of my mother, even. Many of you became friends. I betrayed everyone by disappearing – but it was never out of spite, meanness – none of that. I simply lost everything and became so overwhelmed, confused and lost, I had no idea what to do.

I have set up an email for questions about orders, refund requests, etc. It's at Please don't write hate mail – I won't respond or read it. I am trying to do right by everyone and hating me solves nothing. Also be aware I am unable to fulfill all at once, and will work on one thing at a time until all is settled. All I need is your name and the amount of your order. I can maybe track it from there. Because of the complete clusterfuck everything became, I no longer have access to order information or anything. Someone even decided to hack my email and I can't get into it to respond, track orders, anything... I will do everything in my power to get people paid. I will sell what I have to sell, do what I have to do. For all of this I am extremely sorry – more than anyone realizes.

So Blacknote------ When I was approached about Blacknote, I decided to team up with these really awesome people and begin again. Same process. Now it's all starting again, but unfortunately I'm not the only one suffering. Friends of mine are suffering, as is their business. All because of an affiliation with me. People speculate, they make up stories. And then it spreads like wildfire. I have much less of an input into Blacknote than people realize. We share the emails, the FB, the Instagram – all of that. We all post. Somehow it's all become ME.

Please spread the word. This will be posted anywhere I can post it (or have it posted). I want all this solved.