Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clarification about samples and yesterday's post

I feel bad. Really bad. I didn't mean AT ALL that I don't want to do samples!!!!! What I meant was - I currently offer sets of 3, 5, and 10, and sometimes in one order, there will be 2 sets of 10, plus 2 sets of 5. I'm just limiting it to ONE sample order per order. So essentially a 10 sample max.

Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue after the weekend. I'm planning on working straight through the weekend to get all these orders up to date, and get my TAT down to something more reasonable. I'm only taking a break to go to the fair and eat funnel cake (yum), then straight back to work! I can do this!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samples, and evil black beasts!

I have to take a break from order-filling today to go buy bug spray. I have black widows. While they are glorious as  tattoos or Halloween decorations, they are very much NOT awesome hanging out on my property. I have one hiding on my outside trash can, and every time I see her, she goes into this little hidey hole. Last night as I was rolling the can out to the curb, I could have sworn I felt something crawl on my hand and subsequently dumped the ENTIRE trash can over into the street. While cursing her and her unborn egg sacks, I swore that would be the last time. Today they all go to black widow heaven.

Speaking of being busy, I have some news about samples. Unfortunately I am going to have to impose a strict limit on the number of samples that can be purchased in a single order. I don't want to sound mean or ungrateful, especially since I am definitely a "try before you buy" type girl,  but labeling and filling samples is VERY time consuming, and is partially responsible for my long TAT right now. I am working into the night *every* night now trying to meet demand, and it's really hard to be quick while filling an order containing 25-30 samples. Each vial, as you know, must be labeled and hand-written individually. So there you have it. Hopefully if I impose a limit, I can get my TAT down to a reasonable amount of time.

Does that sound terrible? I trust you guys and would really like to hear your opinions.

Off to Lowe's for bug spray!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WOW. There has been *craziness* with trying to catch up!!!!! I'm thinking Halloween will hit the shop tomorrow - yay!!!! I'm going to try to get everything photographed and listed by about 3pm PST. In addition to these perfumes, the remaining stock of Saucy Jack and The Saw is Family will be there too!


Wraith - wispy purple flowers, creamy vanilla, 3 pale musks, and sweet lemon tea.

Diablo - The devil, indeed! Fiery cinnamon paired with blood red roses and incense

Goblin - A juicy, sweet caramel apple.......with a wormy center.

Fiend - Buttery, spicy pumpkin cookies, layered over black, wet wood


Quoth the Raven - Fruit orchards, a sharp spike of clove, and the remnants of chimney smoke on dirty wings.

Thorn - Church incense, candle wax, and red animalistic musk

Romero - A wreath of funeral flowers, leather seats, vetiver, and mahogany.

Little Drop of Poison - Dragon's blood, plump dark berries and red wine barely conceal a rich, resinous and very poisonous base.

We All Float Down Here - Lemon drops, raspberry hard candy, bubble gum, gutter water, and the fleeting smell of a red balloon.

Hope you like them!!!

Love, Lysa