Thursday, February 18, 2010

SCRUB a dub dub - Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs

Ok. The scrubs are shaping up. I've made Dessert Absinthe and Black Jack, which are my most popular scents by far. They are so nice. I'm really proud of them. I've been hesitant to do scrubs until now because of the shipping weight, but I think they are so worth it.

These scrubs aren't overly greasy at all, and there's no oil floating at the top, which I always disliked intensely. It's just milky, moisturizing goodness.

I just have to print labels and get them photographed, and it's into the shop they go!

There will be a new scent making it's appearance as well - a honey patchouli vanilla concoction that's sweet and amazing!

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