Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soapy goodness from across the pond.

I just received my soaps today from a *brilliant* soapmaker. She runs a shop called FuturePrimitive, and you should definitely go check her out. Not only is she aces when it comes to her craft, but she's a completely awesome human being as well.

Upon opening the envelope, I was greeted by the BEST herbal, minty, green smell I've ever smelled ( I ordered HUMBUG, which by the way is a HUGE bar of soap!), and therefore had to immediately hop in the shower. Never mind I had showered only an hour before! The only problem was deciding whether to use the Humbug or one of the samples she sent. I actually decided on one of the samples... not sure what it's called, but I believe it the 5th bar in this listing. For my tattooed friends out there, this soap smells *spot on* like the green soap used in tattoo shops!!!! It's unbelievable!!! It lathered so well - thick and rich - and filled the bathroom with a lovely herbal smell.

I eventually snatched the Humbug into the shower as well, and it was all just pure heaven. :-)

Miss Tiggy, soapmaker extraordinaire, uses essential oils and a wonderful, nourishing blend of base oils and butters... This is truly great soap, lovely packaging, and fabulous to look at as well.

So what are you waiting for?  GO!


Teresa said...

I love Miss Tiggy's soaps! She is fab!

The Morbid The Merrier said...

I know - they're wonderful!!!

Jennifer Young said...

I have been looking at Tiggy's soaps for a while, will have to order some! Your review has made me want to try them!

FuturePrimitive said...

hello! you are toooo nice! what a crackin' review. i feel all lovely now. i reckon the sample you used may have been lagoon...or potters bar. is it teal green with white or green & white layers?

The Morbid The Merrier said...

Yeah, a darker teal green with a white top.

It's gone already.... everyone in the house had a crack at it. Ha ha.

FuturePrimitive said...

that is Lagoon and it's my all time favourite. it's full of Lavender, Geranium & Patchouli.
I loooove the scent and the feel. It has green clay in it which gives it a nice smooth texture.
Thanks again. You're awesome x