Sunday, November 7, 2010

We hardly knew ye............

Halloween is gone today. Saucy Jack and The Saw is Family are no more.....ever. I feel really sad about that.

However............. Christmas enters the shop today. A few of them, anyway. As usual, more will be added daily (hopefully) until stock is complete. I'm on my way to Best Buy right now to buy a new memory card. I somehow lost mine in the move and there shall be no product photography until then. :-( I'm telling myself I'm in NO WAY going to look at the Sony blu ray player they have there. You know, the one that will allow me to use my Android as a remote control? I would never do that.

I'm pretty excited. I'm LOVING the new perfumes! And there will be a whole bunch of new lip balms!!!

Stay tuned!!!!


keepalot said...

Wow! I had the good intuition to buy another "The Saw is Family" yesterday!
But I know there are always surprises around here.
So exciting!!!

rycz said...

Will they come back next Halloween? Or under a different name? I'd love to see The Saw is Family stick around. It smells so wonderful!