Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samples, and evil black beasts!

I have to take a break from order-filling today to go buy bug spray. I have black widows. While they are glorious as  tattoos or Halloween decorations, they are very much NOT awesome hanging out on my property. I have one hiding on my outside trash can, and every time I see her, she goes into this little hidey hole. Last night as I was rolling the can out to the curb, I could have sworn I felt something crawl on my hand and subsequently dumped the ENTIRE trash can over into the street. While cursing her and her unborn egg sacks, I swore that would be the last time. Today they all go to black widow heaven.

Speaking of being busy, I have some news about samples. Unfortunately I am going to have to impose a strict limit on the number of samples that can be purchased in a single order. I don't want to sound mean or ungrateful, especially since I am definitely a "try before you buy" type girl,  but labeling and filling samples is VERY time consuming, and is partially responsible for my long TAT right now. I am working into the night *every* night now trying to meet demand, and it's really hard to be quick while filling an order containing 25-30 samples. Each vial, as you know, must be labeled and hand-written individually. So there you have it. Hopefully if I impose a limit, I can get my TAT down to a reasonable amount of time.

Does that sound terrible? I trust you guys and would really like to hear your opinions.

Off to Lowe's for bug spray!!!!


Mandy said...

I don't think that sounds terrible, I think that is a reasonable judgment call to make!

Also, spiders are my worst enemy.

The Morbid The Merrier said...

I just don't want to sound like a jerk. I don't have a problem with samples AT ALL. Time is my ONLY concern. :-( The sample sets offered are completely acceptable to me, AND if it were any other time but the holiday season, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

gunnmetal27 said...

errr black widows suck.. at least you can just bug zap them.. they are protecte here in jersey.. or at leasat they used to be. We had one years ago ( i was still in middle school) lol and people had to come out and get the amn thing and check all around our yard for that was a crazy

and u don't sound like a jerk love.. u do what ya gotta do..

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

I think it is totally fair to limit sample amounts. I will probably be buying some soon, but only a few no no worries! I moved to Arizona last year from Oregon and have seen more black widows in that one year than my whole life before! As long as they are outside I just avoid them mostly.

lycanthropica said...

not jerkish at all 10 is a good amount of samples :)