Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I was able to get a small loan finally and so far everyone who has contacted us has been refunded their money in full. Here's how it works - you send an email to, with as much information as you have, we cross check with paypal, and then refund the money. It helps if you provide the current paypal email address you use, as there are several refunds just sitting there because the email is wrong, leaving the status as "unclaimed." This has been a pretty fast process, believe it or not, now that there's actually funds to REfund. This has also been posted on the Blacknote Facebook, and will also be posted on the TMTM Facebook (if I can still get into it).


Anna Kaczmarek said...

Hello! I really loved your perfumes, especially 'Lucy' it was the best scent i've ever smelt in my whole life and still it is. I just have found out what happend to your shop. I hope things will turn all right for you. Best wishes.

P.S. I hope that in some future we will be able to enjoy your great perfumes again.

Belfaborac said...

Is there any chance we'll see your creations on Etsy or elsewhere soon? I only got to receive a few samples before your troubles caused you to pack it in and since then I've not been able to find anything even remotely similar. Hopefully you're in a better place these days and hopefully I get the opportunity to buy the half dozen scents I fell in love with just as you closed up shop.

Best regards and best wishes.

Laurene said...

I am so very saddened to learn of this horrible mess for you! I love the Odditoria Liniment balms: vanilla clove and cherry licorice. I ordered from you in 2011 on Etsy. I will cherish those tubes. I had misplace them and recently found them in a handbag I rarely use. Oh, how I hope and pray you can bring your line of wonderful items back. Such a tragedy; A nightmare for you. I discovered today you were not on Etsy and went looking with Google. I wish I had the money and magic to bring this loved but far from forgotten little shop back to life. I trust all is well!