Wednesday, May 12, 2010


YES I'm bragging -- I make some mean bath salts. Always have. I've spoiled myself and my family so badly, we all refuse to bathe without them. I never wanted to add them to the shop because I feared shipping would be so outrageous, nobody would buy them. After much deliberation, thought, planning, and hair pulling, I've decided on the best packaging, made the labels, and they will be added to the shop tomorrow. I'm listing 3 scents, and there will be more added this weekend. For now it's Cleo, Natali (of course), and Delina.

The shipping - *sigh* - is still an issue, but I'm hoping the beautiful packaging I've chosen and that I've made it 10 ounces makes up somewhat. The bad news is shipping will be $4.90 in the US. The good news is it's Priority flat rate, so anything else ordered can be added for no additional charge. That's good, right?? RIGHT???!!!!

So, yeah - tomorrow. I'm excited!!


Jennifer Young said...

Sound yummy! I looooove bath salts. I have also been thinking about making them. I even bought 10 bags with a window, so that I could try... I also live along the mediterranean. There is a "de-salting" plant less than an hour from us and I have always been thinking of going there and trying to get the freshest sea salt... all ideas that have been brewing for a while but I have NO IDEA how! Good luck with sales! Will look forward to seeing packaging!

Anonymous said...

YES! I LOVE CLEO! My mom loves it too! I think I found her birthday present!

Joanna said...

can't wait to see pictures!!!!!