Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the Shop

Well, as soon as I can get over there and list them..............and I will say it again - PLEASE forgive the photography. I'm resorting to using my phone because my camera has bitten the dust. Argh.

This is a sampling of the Valentine's Day stuff. There is more to come. 5 new lip balms and 4 additional perfumes. Waiting on my printer to get the label stuff squared away.

First, the LUST trio.

Lust #1 - Histoire du Secretaire:
mile-high leather pumps, skin tight wool pencil skirt, stacks of filing paper, steaming black coffee, a mahogany desk and a hint of musky perfume.

Lust #2 - Histoire des Amoureux:
A little Eden, a little de Sade. leather, juicy red apple, a serpent slither of pepper and spice, green grass, and sweat.

Lust #3 - Histoire du Professeur:
leather arm chair, starched white cotton shirt, dusty books, a memory of sweet pipe smoke and a faint whiff of brandy kept hidden in a desk drawer.

Leather, to me anyway, has got to be the most sexy, animalistic, and utterly sensual scents in the world. One sniff, especially once warmed on the skin, and I'm done for. But that's just me. :-)

On to the jewelry:

 More to come!!!


Glittermuffin said...

are there more valentine scents to come? and if so, when do you think you'll have them on? because... well, if the others sound as amazing as these do, i'm likely to want to try them all.

The Morbid The Merrier said...

Totally! There will be 4 more perfumes listed. I will try and get descriptions on here tonight... samples can still be ordered even though labels aren't ready yet. :-)

Sarawen said...

Wow, these V-day scents sound fantastic! Can't wait! :)

ArtSnark said...

love the creepy clown

Ezephiel said...

I already got samples of the Lust Trio, and geezus. I love them all. Especially Secretaire!
And I adore this jewelery. I don't usually wear anything like rings, necklaces or... accessories, really.
But these are just too cool.

B said...

Just wanted to comment on the fact that you APOLOGIZED for the photography. These shots are actually really wonderful, Lysa! I'm finding I like taking product shots with my phone (now that it's been upgraded) more than dragging out the fancy camera and setting it up and straining my neck and all that. It's made listing items not such a chore, and with the quality of cameras on most phones these days, you can get wicked nice pictures if you know what you're doing- which YOU obviously do, chica!!

The Morbid The Merrier said...

You're sweet!!! I do love, love, love my phone (and have even started a whole Droid Photography thing I'm obsessed with). Whew. You just made me feel tons better. :-)