Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine perfumes without labels - here are the descriptions:

Hasta la Muerte:
The innocence of lily and carnation, sweetened with vanilla absolute, smashed and marred by an undercurrent of heartless black spice.

Oh, romance. Or something like it. A dozen red roses, spilled wine, a hint of blood, and gunsmoke.

El Corazon:
Like the heart, fickle and a bit deceptive. A heavy, dark, smoky scent with a taunting core of sweetness.


B said...

DO WANT ^___^ Man, they all sound wonderful. Can't wait!

Ezephiel said...

They all sound delicious, and I know for a fact that El Corazon is amazing. :) <3

Sarawen said...

I finally got a chance to try the sample of El Corazon that you sent me. At first whiff, my first thought was "Wow, too strong!", BUT after a minute on the skin, it is fabulous! It mellows out and the scent is very layered, dark, and sophisticated. Definitely a fragrance one could wear for a romantic night out, but I'm going to be adventurous and wear during the day! :p

Well done Lysa!

The Morbid The Merrier said...

Thanks, guys.
I really like El Corazon, but it *is* strong right out of the bottle. I'm happy with the dry-down, though, and keep reaching for it over and over again. I should be getting the labels today! Yay!