Monday, June 27, 2011

Ding Dong the Hearse is Dead..........

Well he's not DEAD necessarily........, It was such a big to-do just to get it home - conflicting schedules with the funeral home mostly. When I was finally able to go get it, it wouldn't start. Battery was dead. They tried and tried to jump it, but to no avail. Alas, I had to wait another day. Bright and early the next morning, I show up and see there's a brand new battery! And it STILL won't start!!!!! *sigh* I had a mechanic friend come out and he is pretty sure it's the fuel pump. Not too big of a deal. I bought the car anyway. After all, I had already named him, so I *could not* leave him sitting there. Also, I knew going in that unless I was ready to spend 50k on a new coach, there were going to be problems. I have enough love for this car to see me through the hard times.

So in 103 degree weather, I wait for the tow truck to take my baby home. I have to tell you, seeing the looks on people's faces at this big ol' coach on a lift made me laugh all the way home.

Poor baby was sooooo dirty when I arrived:

 Up up up!!!

Seriously, that is one bad ass windshield. I love how huge it is:

So fresh and so clean. (grin). Home and cleaned up. He looks SO much better!

And Mattie is all ready for bye bye!

The funeral home felt really bad about the car not running and knocked enough  money off that I can get the fuel pump fixed! Yay!!!

My mechanic is coming over tomorrow to drop the gas tank and hopefully fix it, so there's a really good chance Romero will be on the road tomorrow (after new tires, of course). Wish me luck! And I want to thank everyone who helped me make my dream a reality. I am totally and completely in love with my car! Thank you!!!!

Love, Lysa

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Jade Carver said...

Holy crap, what a gorgeous interior!