Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving, formulating, ink madness, and putting the "fun" back in funeral.

Hi guys! Soooo much happening in my life right now, which is the reason I've been inactive on my blog. Facebook is so much easier for me, partly because I have an app on my phone, so it's totally mobile. But I promise I will try to be more active blogging. :-)

Time has run out on my current living situation. When I moved back to California (ack), I moved into my uncle's house. He currently lives in New York and we decided it would be a good deal for both of us - he has someone to watch the house, and I have someplace to live. Unfortunately, my run here is done, so I will be moving YET AGAIN. This mobile lifestyle is *not* for me. I need a good couple years of not hauling my stuff around. That would be lovely, thank you.  At least this time I'm not moving to another state, merely across town. And the move will be much more relaxed. Although I must be physically out of the house by the end of the month, I've got an additional month to clear out my belongings, and do the final cleaning. That is MUCH better for me. Most importantly, it means I don't have to close my shop while it's going on. I will be tired, but it's definitely do-able.

I've begun formulating for Halloween. I know it seems early, but I have much work ahead of me. I will be having the usual contest to name the perfumes. Stay tuned.

I've also been on a tattooing rampage. I'm sure there is some psychology behind that, but we won't go into it. :-) Mostly, it's just my collecting on favors owed by my tattoo artist friends. I've started the sleeve on my right arm, which is going to be all toys. So far I have a kewpie doll, a rabbit jack in the box, and tomorrow I'm getting a wind-up car - a hearse to be exact.

And speaking of funeral vehicles - I have FINALLY, after *25 years* found my dream hearse. I'm so excited, I'm literally beside myself. He's white right now, but will be painted as soon as I get past all the legal stuff.... change of title, registration, emissions testing, etc. I will probably have to have a MAJOR sale in the shop to cover all this stuff. Let me tell ya, it's not going to be cheap. But he is so worth it. Should I decide to have a sale, I will most definitely post it here. So you wanna see my new baby?

 I pick him up on the 20th. Please, please let these 9 days pass quickly.

Have a great remainder of the weekend everyone!!!


nicaeli said...

that's just awesome! Best of luck with everything:)

Sarawen said...

Cool ride! That's awesome.

Good luck with the move, I know it's a pain. There was a year when I moved FOUR times. It was crazy. All the best to you dear, and looking forward to your sale. :)