Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Product Announcement

You guys spoke and I listened. :-)

I'm introducing the first new products today, and will keep making these announcements until all new products are spoken for.

But FIRST we need to talk about some things.

I am loving the new website. Traffic is still a bit slow, but I knew it wouldn't be an easy transition. So tell a friend! Tell two!

And there are a few things that may need clarification, as well as policy changes.

1.) The shopping cart is a little wacky, and cannot seem to get the postage right for *anything*. As a result, postage is either too high or too low. I'm working on it, and will be refunding postage overages as I ship orders out. Please don't freak. You will get your money back!

2.) Because of the slip ups with the USPS, any orders over $20 will ship Priority only. They seem to do a bang-up job when something is sent Priority mail. I decided to do this to save headaches for ALL of us. You get your items faster and I get to stop replacing lost packages! Yay! And the postage really isn't that much more. I can fit a whole lotta stuff into a flat rate envelope. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the internationals, though. Ideas? I've also created a section on the web site called "Postage Savers." It's group of items grouped together for a flat rate. I will definitely be putting some of the new products in there as gift sets.

3.) This is the part where people may get antsy. I will be discontinuing some fragrances to make way for new stuff. I'm also getting rid of a lot of lip balms :::ducking:::

HOWEVER ---- Most of them will not be gone forever. I'm thinking there might be "guest appearances" every month! And I'll tell you why I'm doing that right now.

Coming very soon, all TMTM and Odditoria catalog fragrances will have a coordinating solid perfume, sugar scrub, and lotion. Now that's cool, right? I've done the Odditoria ones already, and there's good news and bad news about that.

The good news:

The Odditoria catalog scents are:


The bad news - one of Morton's key components has been discontinued. *sigh* I'm really sad about this because it is truly one of my favorites. So he will be a catalog fragrance until that component is gone, and then be replaced with another permanent one.

I'm going to wait to announce the permanent TMTM fragrances because a.) I'm still undecided about a couple of them and b.) I'm scared of you guys.

Oh and did I mention the new solids are VEGAN?? 

but here is the Odditoria line for Morton

So???? Thoughts? Ideas?


tandphorton said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I am going to have to have Morton!!! I may have already said that I love you today...but just in case I haven't...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Bridgett said...

Sad to hear Shantell is gone. Such a unique scent. But I'm excited to be able to buy lotions of my fav scents, Horseman and Ichabod. I really hope those stick around.

Evelyn said...

Hi again, I was going to use the coupon code you had given for the 10% OFF, but I do not see where the coupon would go. Let me know what I should do :)

Cinnamatrix said...

Ugh I am SO sad that Morton will eventually be gone. I just got a sample a month or so ago and fell in LOVE. I will have to stock up on the lotion, sugar scrub, solid, and the oil that you have spoiled all of us in adding. I know I will find new favorites, but Morton always feels like it's a part of me when I wear it. Aside from my moping, I can't wait to try the new scents you are going to announce. :D Have a wonderful weekend Lysa :).

Glittermuffin said...

Please do not ever discontinue Barnum DDDD: It's my most beloved scent of all times and I use the EdP every day ;_;

Joanna said...

those labels are super awesome, Lysa! Black. Splendid. We couldn't do black because of the ink costs, but you are bold and sweet and so creative. I love your designs---> top notch.

xx joanna

Anonymous said...

Ah, dude, will I never not be jealous of your packaging?! I think the shop looks awesome btw! I hope the Sleepy Hollow themed scents will be staying, there are a few more I want to try! Which lip balm flavors are you keeping?

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Does this mean by beloved Seven is going? If so, I neeeeeeeeed to buy a full sized one soon!

Jeff.Iovannone said...

Please don't discontinue Drosta. I don't see it on your site at the moment. I love tea scents.

Stacy said...

I think We All Float Down Here is my favorite smell in the whole world. You should seriously consider keeping it around!

Ellie said...

KirkosKriskosKirkos *crosses fingers*

Tricia said...

What scents are being discontinued?? I hope maximo isnt one of them!!! D:

Wood'N'Piece said...

I'm promoting your store wherever I can, Lysa. I've even included you on one of my blogs in my Top 10 favourite online stores. I absolutely ADORE Morton too. What an amazing smell! Loving you from over here in Oz♥