Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ODDITORIA Goodies, and Morton's Untimely Death

I've finally put the Odditoria stuff up on the website. As of today, there is:

Agatha: solid perfume, body lotion and sugar polish
Dhanya: solid perfume, body lotion and sugar polish
Eggbert: solid perfume, body lotion and sugar polish
Isabella: solid perfume, body lotion and sugar polish
Morton: solid perfume, body lotion and sugar polish

I know I said the new solids would be vegan. Sadly, I cannot get the formula right and there are some weird "after-smell" issues with the wax. I don't like it, and won't be listing them at this time. The new solids - wow - I am so excited about them! I went back to the tins I used to love so much. I also upped the fragrance load A LOT. There is almost a full bottles-worth of fragrance packed into this tin. They are much stronger and longer lasting now. In case you're wondering - yes, the TMTM scents will be available in this format. It's just finding the time to get to it!!! As soon as I can get labels designed and printed, and buy the MILLION and a half tins I'm going to need, you will start seeing them appear, along with the discontinuation of the old packaging.

As was discussed before, Morton will be leaving us. One of his components is no more. :-( I have a VERY VERY limited number of products, so if you can't live without Morton, hop on it.  *sigh* I am going to try and reformulate, but I don't think the new Morton will smell exactly like this one. I'm not even sure it will be close, to tell the truth.

I'm getting orders out as fast as I can. I am SO backlogged, it's laughable. I keep wondering how I can be working so many hours, yet still be behind. I don't get it. BUT they are getting out the door!!

Talk to you soon.

Love, Lysa


tandphorton said...

I am going to be so sad to see Morton go! He is my all time fav scent of yours. Just picked up some lotion, solid scent, and another perfume. Going to hold off on the scrub until I get paid! Hope it's not gone by then!!! Also, I am so happy to see all of your new ideas!!!

Evelyn said...

I am sad to see Morton leave too. I just placed an order for the perfume since I only had a sample of it. I would love to see you reformulate it even if it is not exactly the same. I am sure it would be equally as impressive. I may have to place another order soon if there is any left since I am not sure 1 bottle will be enough. I love to have a back up of my favorites.

lycanthropica said...

The tins are the BEST, if they get hot when posted they keep all the perfume inside (unlike the tubes so much) Also my friend washed his pants with a tin of the patchouli and moss in the pocket, and it came out fine, nothing had gotten into the tin, even the label was fine. That is how awesome you are!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Morton, gone? Nooooooooooo