Tuesday, November 22, 2011


SOMETHING has knocked me down. In a big way. What started as a simple cold (I thought) has turned into multiple trips to the hospital and not being able to get out of bed LITERALLY for a week. I'm still not well, but I am out of bed at least and able to start working again. My doctor says if this isn't better by Friday-ish, we need to start testing to see what it is. There's a sickness prevalent in these parts, called Valley Fever and it is ugly, ugly stuff. I had it when I was a kid and it almost killed me.

I've been thinking a lot about my business, and how every little thing that happens to me throws a monkey wrench right into my production and turnaround times. Unfortunately, a lot happens to me. Why? No idea - that's something I've always wondered myself!!! Having gone 41 years with this luck, and it not changing so far, I'm assuming it will be with me forever. ha ha.

So here's what I've (mostly) decided. As my company grows, I've come to realize there is NO WAY I can do it by myself anymore. I physically cannot. Even when I am well, the demand is overwhelming and I find myself working 12 hour days and spending most of my time frustrated and prone to making mistakes. I've also come to realize that most of the companies I know are partnerships. They are able to have faster turnaround times, answer emails promptly, advertise --- all the things that come along with owning a business ---- because there are two of them.

so ----- I'm in negotiations with a very close friend of mine to split TMTM 50/50. We will be a partnership. Schematics have not been worked out entirely, as we've only begun talking, but I think we will be able to work it out so it benefits everyone involved. I am eternally grateful that you all allow me to pay my bills by doing what I love and I no longer want to disappoint you or make you wait for your orders. It's not fair to the people who have supported me and grown right along with me.

As our talks progress, I will keep you all abreast of what will be happening. I am currently on the lookout for sponsors and a small business loan, so I can get this machine well-oiled and running properly. Please wish me luck. I'm scared to death, but this was my only choice - besides quitting altogether and giving up something I have poured BUCKETS of blood, sweat and tears into.

There will be a blog shortly about holiday releases. Also, there is a pre-Black Friday sale happening right now. Buy 2 full size perfumes, get one free - buy 3 solid perfumes, get one free.

Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are better soon! I think you're doing a great job, and I don't want you to give it up either. Keep us updated, we love you too!

phyllotaxis said...

Sounds like a great idea! And I hope you feel better soon!

Just me, Leah said...

I hope you feel better soon and I also hope all pans out well with the new partnership. It's unthinkable for there to be no more TMTM, because you are the standard I hold all perfume up to now, and no one else comes close x

Jennifer Young said...

I am so excited for you! I hope that everything works out just as you want it to. Hope you get better soon. xoxo Jen

Maylanie said...

Hey! I hope you are feeling better and I hope you keep doing what you're doing! This is Maylanie, BTW, from the print shop. Just wanted to tell you thank you for dropping by one of your perfumes for me and Karen! They smell wonderful! I can't stop smelling mine hahaha