Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Xmas trip and the reason for late shipping. *sigh*

Ah, if only I would have stayed home. :-) Nobody's purchases would be late and I would have saved a TON of money!!!

The trip up ended up taking 18 hours due to inclement weather, mostly fog. The way home was 2 DAYS. We got stuck in Northern California because of snow.... right before the Cali/Oregon border. They closed I-5, so we had to pull off and get a hotel (which almost didn't happen, because *everyone else* had to do the same thing!

But I managed to get some photos. You can click on them to see a bit larger. Also, remember I am not Ansel Adams, and these were taken from a moving vehicle. :-)

Part of my mom's garden. So pretty!

Someone's Christmas Decorations

 I think this sign might be kinda old. :-)

These are all photos of the California part of the drive back:


And then all the craziness started...... first rain, then wind, then SNOW. 

This was our McSavior for dinner:

The drive home:





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