Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Cards and Random-ness

I got my new business cards! Wow, wow, wow. They are SO amazing. I'm waiting on complete contact info, so I can share it with anyone who might be in the market for cards. If you would like to contact him directly in the meantime (for samples and such), email to

Ordered a BUNCH of perfume oils the other day (27, I think it was?). I was hoping to receive them by the weekend, but it doesn't look like that will happen. One never knows, though..... I'm also putting in an order this weekend for roll-on bottles. Next will be slimline black tubes. Gotta get that summer packaging underway!

I was reading an interview with a Featured Seller on Etsy and she said, "Never underestimate how much time your little shop will take." Boy, was she spot on. I eat, sleep and breathe Etsy (besides the full time job, kids, household, etc). But I love, love, love it.


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