Sunday, June 27, 2010


Life just isn't the same without Bella here. :-(

Portland has been hot and beautiful. Lots of sunshine. My plants and flowers are lovely. Normally I don't like the heat at all, but right now it's such a welcome relief from the rain!!

GEIST is getting closer. I'm looking at a release date of around July 15th. I'm really excited.

I'm having to go back to 5ml amber bottles in the shop. I've gotten so many complaints about the roller bottles, and I can't afford to keep replacing product. The amber euro-droppers are just so foolproof. Although from a design aspect, I'm not thrilled, it will be nice to hear fewer complaints. As of now, the roller bottles I have in inventory are it. Once they're gone, they're gone. 

So yeah, everything's been a bit up in the air - business is dreadfully slow, I miss Bella. I'm trying to use this time to put finishing touches on labeling for GEIST and re-working all my perfume labels to accommodate the new bottles.

Oh, and almost forgot -- vegan lip balm starts hitting the shop tomorrow or the next day.

Have a great weekend.

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