Saturday, June 5, 2010

A question about The Devil and a sneak preview of Halloween

Okay, so this is *literally* my favorite possession. When my grandfather died, I "inherited" it. Problem is, it's always bothered me that I know nothing about it, especially as serious as I am about collecting things.

heh heh.

So here are photos - if anyone can give me an opinion as to where it's from, approximate year, etc, I would be thrilled. I found something similar online, with no picture, and they dated it around 1930. What do you think??

So on to Halloween.......

I was going to wait until next month to give a peek, but I'm excited and don't want to wait. I'm not giving too much away, though. *wink*

This is my new Halloween-only line - GEIST. I will be offering all lip balms in the Geist labeling, as well as many perfumes (most completely new to the shop), solid perfumes, bath salts, dry oil spray, and --ta da! -- bath bombs and lotion. Here are photos of one of the lip balms and one of the perfumes:

And here's something I'm really excited about, too. I know this will be a great shock to you, but I'm a pretty serious horror fan. I thought I would do some tribute perfumes to some of my favorite films and/or notorious people. The first here is Saucy Jack, in honor of Jack the Ripper, and the second is The Saw is Family, in honor of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I've even included quotes on the labels. :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!


wissp306 said...

Ooooh those look and sound great, will be keeping eyes peeled for release dates.

Mrs.TattooedGeek said...

Your Halloween line sounds excellent. As for your devil statue, I think it's Indonesian. I might be wrong, but I think his name is Asmat. The Indonesians believe that Asmat's ugly face scares away all evil spirits.
You're suppose to keep an Asmat in your home to ward against evil. A lot of times Asmat statues have a crazy HUGE penis.

I'm kind of a collector too. I don't collect Asmat's, but I do have several Indonesian demon masks and carvings. I feel like I've seen your devil in the Indonesian art stores. You might be able to confirm it on ebay.

Tenshi said...

Wow I just discovered your shop and already you have me uberexcited about Halloween LOL. As if I need another reason to be.

If you make a Werewolf or Ringu (not The Ring) themed perfume I'd be sooooo all over that! hehe :)

Anonymous said...

How long will I have to suffer the I love Halloween and the scents that go along with it.

hillary said...

Halloween? Eeee Just in time for this october babies birthday!

I am so excited. I am not very patient either ;)

El Sapone said...

Wow, great! I saw the texas chainsaw massacre just two days ago. How does it smell?
As for the devil statue. It IS Asmat

keepalot said...

Excellent idea these tributes.
So exciting!
I wonder how a horror movie can smell.
Do you know Zombie from Romero???
; )

The Morbid The Merrier said...

MrsTattooedGeek and El Sapone: Thank you!!! I'm starting research!

Hillary - My daughter's a Halloween baby too!!!

Tenshi: I actually *am* planning on Ringu. :-)

Keepalot: It is my firm belief, if there is a god, Romero is it!!!

Raven said...

Another reason to be excited for Halloween. ;D

Joanna said...

I love your Halloween labeling.
I miss your blog posts!