Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Movin' on up......err..... or OVER

My Etsy bills are high. I mean really REALLY high. Like $200 a month high. I've been going crazy thinking of a way to move away from Etsy - not because I don't like them.. I DO I DO!! - but if I could just sort of spread my inventory out over several sites, *that* would be lovely.

So this amazing chick Amanda, the owner of Long Winter Farm, posted a blog about how she has moved over to a site called Big Cartel.... they have a flat monthly rate, as opposed to the individual listing rates AND percentage Etsy takes. So I took the leap and joined. As of right now, my shop resides here. It looks really terrible and has like 3 items in it, but that will all change soon. And from what I understand, I can change my link to shop.tmtm.com...that's easier, right? So yeah, even though I have to do all my own promotion for this site, it might work out rather well in the long run.

So an official web site is in the works too. I would like to buy the domain and just have it point to the bigcartel site, especially since the pages there are fully customizable!!!

Sweet, yeah?

EDIT:  I went ahead and bought my domain. themorbidthemerrier.com is now mine!


Jade Carver said...

I have heard good things about Big Cartel, a lot of Aussie indie stores use it. I shall visit you there!

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Lysa!

I have a Big Cartel shop linked to my FuturePrimitive Soap site and it's fab.
I only have the Diamond edition ($9.99 per month) but it's great and fully customisable.
I'm surprised more people don't use them...bet they will now!
tiggy x

Joanna said...

oh my god, I totally went to www.themorbidthemerrier.com and it went to that site and I love it!

I will totally pimp it and you can pimp it on etsy and all your fans can help and your customers will go there because they love you!!!!!

You are going in the right direction.

longwinterfarm said...

Dude! So glad you made the jump! It looks freakin awesome already, were you up all night working on it? You were, weren't you.


Angel said...

Eeee! another place to go shopping!

I'll pimp you on facebook :) You know, with all your other fans lol

tandphorton said...

Wish I would have read this first. I just bought from you again on Etsy!!!

tandphorton said...

Just looked at your new site!!! It looks great so far...keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Etsy get's that pricey. I just never thought about how intense it must be for the bigger sellers. Wish I would have checked the blog before nabbing the Saucy Jack from Etsy. The only downside seems to be monitoring the size of the catalog.

This is also doable on your own if you know your way around making websites since things like Zen Cart (http://www.zen-cart.com/) are open source once you're ready to go fully independent! :)

Wood'N'Piece said...

Your Big Cartel store looks awesome! You can make it look so much better than on Etsy. Thanks for letting us know about Big Cartel.