Sunday, August 29, 2010

WASABI's back and he's got a new attitude.

I've had a lot of requests to make Wasabi again. The last batch was only a test, so it was made in a small quantity. I'm posting photos in a little while of other soaps on the rack.... so stay tuned. Big bad W will be ready on Sept 27th.

Here ya go:


Joanna said...

This is a GORGEOUS soap, woman! I absolutely love it. Let us know when it's up in the shop. I must get one.

Fake soda said...

I need two bars: one to use and another one to enjoy visually!
And the perfume too!
Is that too much asked???

Leah said...

these look amazing, I would love to smell them!

T.A. Helton said...

Looks great!