Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleepy Hollow

Okay, so there have been changes to the Halloween lineup. Partly because I added Ash from Evil Dead, and changed the Sleepy Hollow to three perfumes instead of 2.

I've gotta say - I've worn 1 each day for the last 3 days and have gotten SO many compliments! That's always such a nice thing. I decided to do them all pumpkin-based, cause that's how I roll. Funny, though - even though they all have pumpkin, they all smell completely different.

So you wanna hear about them?

ICHABOD -  Creamy pumpkin, 3 pines, moss and dark, raw vanilla. Starts out really piney and sweet, but mellows nicely into a mossy, woody dark scent.

KATRINA - A trio of white flowers, smoky almond, and spiced pumpkin. Sweet, but somehow really earthy, especially on the dry-down.

HORSEMAN - Oh my goodness. I *really* like this one a lot. Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody, but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically, almost changing into a different scent altogether.

I'm soaping tomorrow - hoping to somehow combine these three scents into one soap to compliment all three. As soon as I get to it, I will post pictures!

And photos of the Sleep Hollow trio will hopefully be up tomorrow.

Tomorrow - another debut! Muah-ha-ha.


Basht said...

I am going to NEED a bottle of Ichabod :)

a. l. burke said...

Mmmm, pumpkin. They all sound amazing.

Joanna said...

You pumpkin Halloween master, YOU!

Anonymous said...

Oh they all sound amazing! Im gonna have to try them all!!

Anonymous said...

ah, some new samples to get with my next order of a bottle of saucy jack ;D

bits in plastic said...

Swoon! Especially for the Horsemen!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I can't wait for Ichabod and The Horseman. These sound incredible!