Tuesday, October 12, 2010




It sucks.

It was unexpected.

I will be reopening around November 1st (hopefully a wee bit sooner) and will have lots of surprises for you. I ask everyone to please be patient and understanding and I promise to update this blog every chance I get.

As mentioned on my shop page, all Halloween scents will be continued for an extra couple weeks to give people a chance to get stocked up. It's only fair since I'm closing a couple weeks early. I have some pretty awesome Xmas scents lined up, too, AND my anniversary perfume.

Please stay tuned everyone.


Anonymous said...

Sad news, but understandable.
I guess I'll be saving to buy a big package of TMTM for when you re-open!
I'm also trying not to run out of bath salts (I looooove 'em).

B said...

I hope all's well, or at least going to be. I was surprised to see your Etsy closed today- I was finally going to place another order, after going back and forth about it all weekend, LOL. It's been FAR too long since my last one! It's okay though, I can wait till November :)

Is your Big Cartel shop closed too? Just wondering, it looks like it's still open, but I don't know much about the workigns og BC shops and I'm not going to go screwing around in your shop there to find out ;)

Joanna said...

Congratulations for taking a break. You NEED one girl! Thank goodness I have enough lip balm to last me until the end of the year... hmmm, what shall I get next year?? Something sinful, of course. You may need to do recommendations based on personalities, maybe.... ;)

Will you read my fortune too?

The Morbid The Merrier said...

I can't figure out how to "suspend" the Big Cartel shop!!! Not without wiping everything out. Help? Anyone?

The Morbid The Merrier said...

I'll read your tarot. :-)

Anne-Marie said...

No worries - it happens to the best of us and I second Jo, you should be commended for taking care of yourself and ensuring that you have the energy to re-open with a bang. =) We'll be waiting and happy to welcome your store back with open arms.

Joane said...

Sorry you will be closed for a bit. I made my first purchase from you a few weeks ago and was coming back for some lip balm. Well, I'm following your blog now and I see you're on Twitter too. Feel free to follow my blog, Ivory Pumpkin. When you re-open I'll give you a shout out there.

Kimber Y said...

Hope all is well.

The Morbid The Merrier said...

That's what I got BIG LOVINS for all of you!!!!! And Erin from Haunt is on my Big-Lovins-List, too.... good lookin out, girl!!

kryptongirl said...

I hope everything is well with you and I look forward to your return!