Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sorry for belated responses... life has been hectic (to say the least).

Thank you everyone for birthday wishes. I needed them so much and you all made me feel very, very special.

Rock on.

I've not been able to get candles in the shop yet. I've got all the supplies, but NO TIME!!!! ARGH!!! I'm working diligently, though... soon! I've had other people tell me lately they've been putting my oils on light bulbs and such. How awesome is that??

Stay tuned -- I SWEAR they're coming!!!



Joanna said...

You get your ducks in a row and get your candles out by Christmas. We'll all be happy for that.



bits in plastic said...

Hear hear for getting ducks in a row! Anything good is worth waiting for - I think that's what my mom always said . . . or it might've been 'If it doesn't work take a hatchet to it' ;)

And happy belated birthday!