Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ok, people...... the winners were picked!

Keepalot and Tenshi won the draw, and Ember won the bonus draw.

So now I need you guys to email me with your addresses and choice of a full size fragrance from the shop so I can get it mailed out!

I will announce the new perfumes tomorrow, because that was a hard decision!!

Congrats, you guys. And thank you everyone for playing. I'm going to do another contest soon. :-)


Ember said...

Lol, I actually just placed an order tonight for more Barnum (I had quite nearly gone dry! :( lol), and trying out some of the new scents! then I check your blog, and my name came up, crazy timing...

Message me there, under Syzigyn.

a. l. burke said...

Congrats to the winners!
Can't wait to find out which perfumes you decided on!

Tenshi said...

Wow! I've never won anything I really wanted to win before! :>

Now to decide what I want. That's the hard part LOL.

Tenshi said...

Had a brain fart and couldnt find your email. It's one of those days LOL So I sent my choice in an Etsy conversation :) Hope that's ok :>

keepalot said...
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Angel said...

Congrats winners!

I'll join the slew of folks waiting to see the new scents lol