Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Magic 2000, A Thank You, and Lucy Loo

Thank you everyone for the support and accepting that I have to gripe every now and then. I never wanted this blog to be a business-only "look-what-I'm-promoting" thing, so being able to be a real person is invaluable to me. 

I hit 2000 sales today!! How freakin cool is THAT?? I was so worried when I stopped working at my "real" job. Worried about failing, starving, not being able to pay the bills. Turns out I'm doing pretty well. Of course I still can't pay the bills, but who the hell CAN?

There's a new addition to the family. This is Lucy:

5 months old and a ball of energy. This one's going to take a  lot of work (and I'm going to love every minute of it). There's a sort of Pit Bull Advocacy group here in Portland - they help companions deal with prejudice issues, training, and medical care. Pretty awesome.

Excuse the cellphone quality of the photo, and the bbq & lighter fluid in the background. The back yard needs to be tended to in the worst way. 

Again, thank you everyone, and have a lovely weekend - what's left of it!


These Arcane Things said...

Congratulations on this most excellent news!!! We are so glad that so many folk are now aware of what we already know - that your scents and products are blinkin' AMAZING!!

And give the new lassie a big hug from us! ;))

The Morbid The Merrier said...

I gave her a hug and a big kiss!! Even though she's in trouble. I left the room for 2 seconds and when I came back in, she had her entire head in a bag of potato chips.

But when I said "No!" and she looked at me with those big yellow eyes, all was forgiven.

Joanna said...

Oh you are in for it woman! I think you didn't have enough stress in your life. Add puppy and stress triples. However, so does the love and laughter, so there ya go.

I forgot what that feels like to not leave anything on a surface shorter than counter height. ;)

She is GORGEOUS. Your phone is awesome. I clicked on her and got incredible detail. Stunning and sweet Lucy. I could almost smell her....