Monday, July 5, 2010

Dahlia Madness

I love Dahlias. They're my favorite flowers. While trying to find perfect flowers for Kira, we came across Dark Angel dahlias. They are all named after movies, which might be the coolest thing ever (besides the fact that the leaves are almost black). Still missing about 5 varieties, but hitting the stores today. I can't rest until I get my hands on "Dracula." Here's what's in the garden so far:

Pretty Woman:

Star Wars:

Taxi Driver:

High School Date:

Dragon Ball:

American Pie:

The old urns in the front are really taking off, too. The flowers are doing remarkably well.

I think maybe planting and bringing new life has helped me cope with losing Kira. Maybe it will help with the nightmares, too.

Off to work.


Teresa said...

I believe that growing something - seeing new life and beauty honors Kira.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Our beloved pets usually cannot live long enough!
And you are right....the world IS different when they go the way they must go and we cannot follow.
Love and much feeling to you.

FuturePrimitive said...

love Dahlia's. I used to sell lots of them through FuturePrimitive Plants. Its said they were making a huge comeback, and they did for a brief while in the UK. I even named one for an old boss of mine. It was orange & purple and I called it 'Witches Stocking'. Don't know if it was ever propagated!
Sorry for your loss BTW. It's always so so sad.
Bless you x